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Annual General Meeting 2018 Voting Results

Presenting the Millennium Residence Annual General Meeting 2018 Voting Results   Meeting commenced  at 10:05 am. Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm. The total attendance  ratio is 34,295.07   (37%) out of the total Co-Owners ratio is 92,698.02   The Annual General Meeting 2018 voting results as follows: Agenda 1          Chairman  opens the Meeting Agenda 2          […]

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Announcements, Millennium Residence in Bangkok

Road Repairs And New Pavement Of The Roads (June 21, 2018 Update)

New Post: With reference to the Road Repairs And New Pavement Of The Roads Announcement dated 17 June 2018 (see below for old post) Please be informed that this project will be postponed until end of rainy season this year. In the meantime, the Millennium Residence Management Committee will look into the project/work details prior […]

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