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Annual General Meeting 2018 Voting Results

Presenting the Millennium Residence Annual General Meeting 2018 Voting Results   Meeting commenced  at 10:05 am. Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm. The total attendance  ratio is 34,295.07   (37%) out of the total Co-Owners ratio is 92,698.02   The Annual General Meeting 2018 voting results as follows: Agenda 1          Chairman  opens the Meeting Agenda 2          […]

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Millennium Residence in Bangkok

Open Competitive Bidding – AGM, 2018

Regarding to the coming Millennium Residence 2018 AGM, the Millennium Residence Juristic would like to invite the Co-Owners to suggest competitive bidding on the following services to be presented and selected in this years Annual Grand Meeting.   Services: 1. Financial Auditor (mandatory) 2. Professional Engineer Consultant
 Should you require further information on the competitive […]

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