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Revised Terms For The Millennium Residence Swimming Pool

The Millennium Residence building Management would like to inform you that after Fitness had been opening on 17 May 2020, with feedback by the usage of Millennium Residence residents, that we would make decision to adjust some terms and conditions to be more reasonably and comfortable as described below.

The swimming pool at Millennium Residence in Bangkok will be open per below schedule and sessions:

(1.30 hrs. / Session)

6.00-07.30 / 8.00-9.30 / 10.00-11.30 / 12.00-1330 / 14.00-15.30 / 16.00-17.30 / 18.00 — 19.30

Swimming pool terms and conditions (During the outbreak situation of Covid-19)

1) 1 unit can make reservation for 1 session (1.30 hrs.) and limit 5 persons per unit

2) Reservation can be made up at the Management office 8.00 — 17.30 hrs. For phone reservation 9.00-12.00 , 13.30 — 16.30 hrs. Tel: 02-259-1122 Ex.5116

3) (number of user and avoid duplicated booking)

4) It’s not permitted for 2nd reservation until Is, reservation have been used and must be reserved in advance 1 day before use

5) The pool will be cordoned off into 4 sections, Limit 5 persons per section

6} Other rules will adhere to Millennium Residence condominium Handbook, revision 6th (1 February 2019)

7) User will be checked body temperature before using if caught fever more than 37.5c, reservation will be denied ,please have a physical examination at the hospital at once

8) This Regulations are in effective until further notice from Building Management (Refer to the announcement of the government)

9) Reserved the right for resident only. No Personal Trainers from outside allowed during this period.

0) Due to duplicated bookings, we reserve the right to cancel at once if detected, in case of second violation that unit will be banned to reserve any facilities for 1 week

Cleaning process:

1) The cleaners will do cleaning 30 minutes / session. We request for your cooperation in allowing them to clean the areas.

2) Seating will be reduced and spread apart to ensure that we are following the protocols

The swimming pool at Millennium Residence @ Sukhumvit will be cordoned off into 4 sections by usage purpose, with no more than 5 -persons per section.

Registration is required before entering into the pool when you register (at the Millennium Residence clubhouse) you will be assigned to one section of the swimming pool, we request you to stay in that section to avoid crowding in other areas.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the Millennium Residence in Bangkok Juristic Office, tel. 02-259-1122 ext. 5000


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Somany weird people stay here
Natasha Penchamrush
15:22 25 May 20
Great condominium with super enormous rooms.
Kawinthip Chaiyapong
17:07 04 Jan 20
Amazing condominium! My favorite in that area!
Daniel Lazarov
11:31 11 Dec 19
Great place to live!!
Gopal Jagota
12:59 02 Dec 19
Very clean sauna pool, Except Sunday then I have to many children noisy:-)
stephan frenzel
01:48 15 Nov 19
4 big tower, beautiful
anucha preechom
13:00 31 Oct 19
Great living
Salman B
15:13 20 Sep 19
One of the best residences in bangkok
Priyanshu Garg
16:30 21 Aug 19
One of the outstanding building in Bangkok. Each floor has 4 units with 4 elevators. Outstanding security with security guards at front and back entrances and each tower entrance with key card access to your floor only when using the elevator. I feel safe here. Huge saltwater swimming pool you can really enjoy and top of line gym equipment. The shuttle bus service takes you to near BTS Asok station and Emporium shopping more
Tareka C.
13:32 31 May 19
Nice residencial area
Peilin Shen
01:16 06 Apr 19
Great place BUT the gym is a disaster, keep it at 27 degrees celsius and don’t do anything to change/ fix it
gaute Gautestad
08:49 13 Mar 19
Great pool. Very children friendly.
Markus Goetz
05:00 04 Mar 19
High standards, great location, helpful, effective security, nice amenity facilities
James Quilley
09:31 29 Oct 18
huge condo estate here. 4 towers total with a huge gym and rec center.
Pug Mug
10:59 16 Sep 18
Luxurious room. Great view.
Pakatip Pongpitak
08:14 13 Sep 18
Love the facility & view of the city
DongUk Kim
06:28 07 Aug 18
Futuristic views from the high rise apartments. UPDATE after living there for 1 year (personal opinion): (1) the rules were changing and it didn't brought a clear benefit to me: (1a) at first, I was able to leave my key at the reception, so the cleaning lady could pick it up, than the rules changed and I was suggested to leave the key in the mailbox which is less secure. (1b) at first the mail was delivered to the reception of my tower and I could pick it around the clock (eg getting back from work when it was too late), but after a while I was requested to pick the mail from the main office during less convenient working hours (2) I had no option to bring my personal trainer to the gym room but paying 200 baht per visit fee (3) The prices to fix something are high and to my understanding we were expected to use the service of the residence: it took us about 10K baht to replace a lock in the door, when we moved out - the landlord said that it costed 18K to repaint the frame of the window in the living room. To the main office it probably looks like when they are changing rules they are solving problems, but to my opinion they are creating new, harder problems. I'll explain by example: when moving the responsibility for the received mail to the main office, the problem that a mail will be lost is solved, but the inconvenience to pick it up grows with a bigger proportion. I am really curious to know how many people actually lost their mails vs how many mails couldn't be picked up daily from the more
Sasha Abramovich
14:07 10 Jun 18
Good community. great security.
Paniti Thongsima
03:09 08 Feb 18
The really futuristic design outside dominates the great parc with lake in a walking distance.Really impressive I love more
t0x1ck1ng 977
08:43 26 Jan 18
Best place, Rooms are so nice, and service and security guards are the best, the location is also very good.
Moritz S
06:59 15 Nov 17
Best place however there were somethings the staff could do to improve the place a little.
Alex T
06:59 15 Nov 17
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Revised Terms For The Millennium Residence Swimming Pool
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